EWF Scinetific Seminar Rome
Az EWF által szervezett római szemináriumon 2015.12.16-17-én Pátrovics Géza és Kaiser János edzők vettek részt

A szeminárium programja: EWF Scientific Seminar Rome Program.pdf

Az EWF által írt beszámoló az eseményről:
On December 16th at the Italian Olympic Training Centre, EWF opened the European Scientific Seminar. 70 participants representing from 35 countries attended the opening ceremony. The works were greeted by the President of the Italian Olympic Committee Dr. Giovanni Malagò who welcomed all participants saying to be honoured to host a scientific seminar of such high scientific value explaining how the comparison in the world of sport is the key to the cultural growth. President Malagò wishing everyone good job held to wish that the next 2016 will be a year of great success for all.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Dr. Alberto Miglietta, CEO of CONI Services who explained the structure of the Olympic Training Centre and how this can be the home for all coaches and all those events that can produce scientific culture .

President Urso, in his opening remarks highlighted that the comparison with the science of training, because its represent a complexity process, requires the comparison and verification of how training can be interpreted in the light of new scientific discovery.

Participants have opportunities to listen and discuss many scientific titles for weightlifting for two days 17th and 18th December.